All bookings are private - for your group only.

Please select your group size from our drop down list AFTER selecting Book Now on your preferred adventure, to see all available appointments for the following game types:

Standard Game (2-7 players) - 60 minutes
Duel Format (8-14 players) - 2 hours (How it works: Duels)
Tournament Format (15-21 players) - 2.5 hours (How it works: Tournaments)

Have more than 21 players? Please book simultaneous tournaments or other suitably sized games in another available adventure, as required, to accommodate your group size. In Kitchener, we can accommodate up to 70 players by booking all tournaments and games simultaneously. In Niagara Falls, we can accommodate up to 42 players by booking all tournaments simultaneously.

If you wish to bring 8 players for a single team game, although not recommended by us, this is possible on our booking page, provided that you are aware that it will be more crowded at times. We recommend 8 players play a duel game.


2 players for $55 total including tax
3-11 players $23.75 each including tax
12 + players $22.60 each including tax

*Our prices are already reflective of "group" pricing.

This system is always up to date with all available bookings, even same day availability. To be added to our wait list, please contact us via email. All cancellations are automatically updated online in real-time.

Have a gift certificate or coupon code? Under the booking window, select the "apply promo or voucher" link at bottom of pop-up screen.

Have questions prior to booking? Please see our FAQs page for more information.

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